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Nutrimax natural, organic products build healthy, thick, and luxuriant lawns that are environmentally friendly. This program yields an exceptionally beautiful thick stand of turf grass, while reducing the need for multiple applications of toxic, high salt chemical fertilizer.

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soil deficiencies

Thank you for your interest in Nutrimax. Let’s compare some of the basic differences between our organic based lawn management program and the traditional chemical service you may be using.


thick luxuriant lawns


root structure


broadleaf weeds

Nutrimax premium-selective herbicide treatments eradicate broadleaf weeds. Healthy robust grass plant spread aggressively to areas where the weeds have been eliminated.

Nutrimax natural and organic soil conditioners and soil penetrants

  1.      virtually eliminate the need to core aerate and de-thatch your lawn.

  1.      Compact soil is loosened; toxic soils and chemicals from previous chemical

treatments are leeched out naturally.

  1.     Soil conditioning activates and releases soil nutrients, improves soil texture,      and softens hardpan clay allowing the lawn to establish a more massive root structure.

Nutrimax products are organic-based materials that contain primary, secondary and micro nutrients. Our treatments are custom formulated to eliminate the soil deficiencies that are characteristic of this local area.

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