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Additional Lawn Care Services

We run diagnostics tests on your soil to determine why your grass isn’t growing properly, then provide these services to bring your lawn back to abundant health.

Soil Testing and Amendment in Illinois

Lawn pH Balancing

Your lawn requires a set pH balance from your soil in order to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients and grow to its fullest potential. Something as simple as excessive rain can cause a runoff of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, leaving the soil with a high acidity level. If your lawn is starting to show brown or bare patches, it’s possible that the pH balance is off.

What Causes a Lawn’s PH Balance to be off?

  • Compacted Soil
  • Salt Leftover from Winter De-Icing
  • Lack of Nutrition
  • Drought
  • Overwatering

Our Lawn pH Treatments in Illinois

We test your soil to see if an inadequate pH balance is causing the lack of health in your lawn. Depending on whether the pH level is too high or too low (basic or acidic, respectively), we’ll add select minerals to the soil in order to restore it to a level that is ideal for the type of grass on your lawn. Treatment is guaranteed to restore pH balance.

Lawn Disease Control in Illinois

What It Is Lawn Disease?

Lawn diseases are like parasites that leech nutrients from your grass, killing it. They cause dead brown spots and turn an otherwise beautiful lawn into a patchy mess.

Identifying Lawn Diseases:

  • Brown/Yellow/White Spots or Patches
  • Mushrooms or Discolored Grass Forming a Circle (Fairy Ring)
  • Discolored (Black/Red/Other) Spots on Grass Blades
  • Threadlike Structures in Grass
  • Patches of Slick- or Slimy-Looking Grass

What Causes Lawn Disease?

  • Compacted Soil
  • Lawn Mowed Too Short
  • Improper Fertilizer
  • Drought
  • Overwatering
  • High Humidity

Lawn Disease Treatment

A soil test will tell us what type of lawn disease has infected your turf if we aren’t able to easily identify it. Depending on the type of disease, we then implement a treatment program that is guaranteed to reverse and eliminate the disease, returning health and color to your lawn.

A Healthy Lawn is a Hardy Lawn

A truly healthy lawn will be able to withstand lawn disease. Click Here to see our Lawn Care Program and learn how we improve your lawn using our custom blended, organic-based fertilizer.

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