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Lawn Care in Chicago

Contrary to popular belief, big-city life doesn’t have to be surrounded in a concrete jungle. Green space refreshes the Windy City landscape, and having your own lawn provides natural refuge right at home. At NutriMax, we know from experience that you can have a lush, beautiful lawn without resorting to the use of harsh chemicals.

We focus on nutrient-rich lawn fertilization and minimize the use of pesticides, so that your lawn is renewed from the ground up. All our services take a customized, organic approach so that you can be confident your turf isn’t a product of harsh chemicals.


Weed Control in Chicago

Weeds are more than an eyesore. They can disrupt your lawn from the bottom-up, choking out the roots of other plants and competing with your grass for water and nutrients. Our weed control treatment focuses on eliminating weeds without harming your other plants.

Our weed control treatments in Chicago include:

  • Four treatments spread throughout the year: spring, early summer, late summer, and fall
  • Use of our custom broadleaf herbicide to kill weeds while keeping other plants safe
  • Applying our custom fertilizer to aid the restoration of grass previously covered by weeds

Insect Control in Chicago

Pest control is vital for a healthy lawn and home. Our insect control treatment covers the most common grass damaging culprits: grubs and surface-feeding insects. Grubs are so destructive that when they’re at work, your grass will pull up like a carpet. Meanwhile, surface insects leave behind discolored, dry grass and skeletonized leaves.

Our prevention program includes:

  • Grub control: since grubs are resistant to common pest sprays, our springtime treatment targets grubs when they are most active to reduce their population over time.
  • Surface Insect Control: for these pests going at your lawn above ground, we use low amounts of highly-targeted, select pesticides in order to make sure there’s a minimum amount of chemicals on your lawn.

Lawn Disease Control in Chicago

If you’re noticing signs of lawn disease, like increasing patterns of patchy, yellowed grass, then it’s time for lawn disease treatment. Our technicians can often determine common lawn diseases at a glance, but if not we will conduct soil testing before proceeding with customized treatment.

Our highly-nutritional fertilizer treatments often produce noticeable color change as soon as the next day. This custom fertilizer contains organic surfactants and enzymes that help improve the flow of water and nutrients, creating no need for aeration and resistance to future disease.

Soil Testing and Amendment

Good soil should not only be nutrient-rich, but also have a balanced pH level. Our soil testing focuses on determining soil’s acidity through pH testing. Then, we amend the soil by applying minerals for your specific kind of grass with pH levels in mind for optimum results.

Natural Lawn Care with Big Results

Our custom fertilizer is blended with Chicago soil in mind, balancing out common deficiencies for nutritional power the natural way. Our business continues to grow from one neighbor to another, as everyone takes notice of the results of the Nutrimax approach! 


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