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Lawn Care Services in Burr Ridge

Burr Ridge is considered one of the best places to live in Illinois. It features exceptional shopping, restaurants, and beautiful homes with well-maintained lawns. Nutrimax can help you realize the thriving and lush lawn of your dreams with organic formulations that don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Better Lawns Through Organic Nutrients

At Nutrimax we believe in our high-quality, organic fertilizer and unique application methods. Unlike our competition, with our 4-treatment Aggressive Feeding strategy we lay down more fertilizer on each visit to make sure your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to be healthy enough to resist weeds, disease, and pests. Our custom fertilizer formulation contains an organic surfactant that naturally loosens soil and decomposes thatch, eliminating the need for lawn aeration and dethatching.

Weed Control in Burr Ridge

Weeds are more than just an annoyance. They can overtake your turf if left unchecked and attract undesirable insects and pests. At Nutrimax, we use a product that gets rid of weeds without harming desirable plants.

As part of our weed control program, which is integrated into our lawn care program, you will receive:

  • Four treatments spread throughout the growing season – spring, early summer, late summer, and fall.
  • Use of our custom Dicamba-free broadleaf herbicides to eliminate weeds with products that don’t remain in your lawn.
  • Nutrient-rich organic lawn fertilization to encourage grass growth, leaving no room for weeds to take hold.

Insect Control in Burr Ridge

Spring and summer not only herald the start of warmer weather, but also insect season. Although most insects won’t affect the health of your lawn, there are a few main culprits that can wreak havoc and need to be stopped before the damage is too great. Those that are most often responsible are:

  • Grubs – prevention is the best cure for these larvae that feed on grass roots while protected under the soil. We have a springtime grub control program that gets them before or just after they hatch.
  • Surface-feeding insects – these pests devour grass above ground and can be effectively managed with low doses of carefully chosen pesticides as necessary.

Lawn Disease Control in Burr Ridge

Do you see brown, yellow, or white spots or patches or discolored spots on grass blades? Your turf is probably suffering from a lawn disease. Our knowledgeable technicians are able to identify which one upon examination of your grass, but will do a soil test to confirm if unsure. A lawn disease treatment program will be designed to target the specific problems found and restore your lawn to vibrancy and health.

Soil Testing and Amendment in Burr Ridge

A healthy lawn has a properly balanced pH level. When pH levels are where they should be, your turf has maximum nutrient absorption and is more resistant to lawn disease, pests, and weeds. If you see brown or bare patches, the expert technicians at Nutrimax will test your soil and develop a treatment plan to raise or lower the pH as needed to return it to the optimum level.
Are you ready to stop blanketing your lawn in chemicals? If so, contact Nutrimax today to learn about our effective organic lawn care programs.


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