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Lawn Care in Joliet, IL

Your lawn needs nutrition. At Nutrimax, we don’t randomly spray and oversaturate your lawn with harsh chemicals. We provide honest-to-goodness organic lawn fertilization that actually feeds your lawn for optimum growth and health. 

By partnering with one of the most respected lawn care companies in Illinois, your will take your Joliet lawn to the next level and achieve the lush green lawn you’ve dreamed about. 

Organic Lawn Fertilization in Joliet

You get every ounce of nutrition that you would expect from our organic fertilizer. Specifically designed for the Illinois terrain, our custom-blended fertilizer works with your soil to make up for any deficiencies to boost health, color, root strength, and growth. You will not find it anywhere else on the market. You’ll see a difference in the color and responsiveness of your lawn after just one visit! It’s that effective!

The Benefits of Our Lawn Care Program are Unparalleled:

  • Rejuvenate unhealthy turf
  • Soil pH balance restoration
  • Eliminate weeds
  • Insect control 
  • Eco-friendly products with reduced chemical use
  • Lawn disease treatments…and more!

Your lawn will never look better after you partner with the pros at Nutrimax!

Our Aggressive Feeding Strategy Yields Results

We don’t take a laid-back approach to your lawn care needs. With our Aggresive Feeding Strategy, we’re on your lawn 3x longer than most lawn care companies making sure it gets the nutrition it needs with our unique lawn fertilization applications. We apply more fertilizer and provide more attention so your lawn looks its best!

Fewer Visits, Fewer Chemicals

At Nutrimax, we believe in quality lawn care over quantity. We visit your lawn four* times during the year (spring, early/late summer, and fall) just when your lawn needs us the most. Other lawn care companies can make as many as six scheduled visits and oversaturate your lawn with unnecessary chemicals. We only give your lawn what it NEEDS to flourish. 

*a fifth visit may be necessary for high-maintenance lawns

Lawn Aeration and Dethatching in Joliet

Our organic lawn fertilization formula contains a surfactant that naturally loosens your soil and allows water, light, and nutrients to access your lawn’s root systems while breaking up thatch and letting your lawn breathe easier. Enzymes are broken down and any toxic elements and chemicals are absorbed for a healthier greener turf. 

Weed Contol in Joliet

Our custom fertilizer makes your lawn thicker which lessens the chance that you’ll have weeds. At Nutrimax, our broadleaf herbicide eliminates weeds without the use of Dicamba, a chemical that was introduced in 1967 and is still used by many lawn care companies today. It literally leeches into your soil for years to come. We take pride in our eco-friendly weed control which yields amazing results while protecting your lawn and the environment. 

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Insect and Grub Control in Joliet

Insects and grubs have the ability to cause significant damage to your lawn. The grub worm is the larval form of a variety of different kinds of scarab beetles like the Japanese beetle, Chafer beetle, and green June beetle. These pale white C-shaped larvae feed on the roots of your grass munching away until the grass dies. That’s why we believe it’s best to locate grubs early right after they hatch. 

Signs You Have Grubs Include:

  • The turf is loose and can be pulled up like a carpet. 
  • Dead spots or thinning yellowing or brown grass.
  • Irregularly shaped brown patches on your lawn. 

How To Prevent and Treat A Grub Infestation

Store-bought grub or insect sprays are ineffective against a grub infestation. The Nutrimax springtime Grub Prevention Program specifically targets grubs before these pests have any chance to do damage to your lawn. 

Surface-Feeding Insect Control

Unfortunately, your beautiful lawn can also be a haven for unwanted surface-feeding insects. These bugs can damage your lawn, leaving it weakened and unsightly. Our technicians will spray a low-impact pesticide as needed to keep these insects at bay. 

Signs You Have Problems with Insects Inhabiting Your Joliet Lawn Include:

  • Bare spots.
  • Yellow or brown grass patches.
  • Skeletonized leaves. 
  • Dry, brittle, or wilting grass

Nutrimax Lawns Bounce Back!

Grubs and insects don’t stand a chance with Nutrimax. Your healthy, organically nourished lawn will bounce back with our Lawn Care Program and Aggressive Feeding Strategy.  

Lawn Disease Treatment in Joliet

What is Lawn Disease?

Lawn disease is caused by a microorganism attacking your grass. It can affect your lawn at any time. 

Signs of Lawn Disease

  • Brown patches of dead grass. 
  • White, yellow, or brown patches that grow in a ring or circle and continue to grow. 
  • Thin patches of grass.
  • Gray, black, red, or purple spots that appear on blades of grass.
  • Threadlike structures in your grass. 

The Causes of Lawn Disease

  • Injury to your grass
  • Grass stress caused by dehydration
  • Nutrient deficiencies 
  • Improper fertilizer treatments
  • Incorrect mowing and grass height
  • Compacted soil

Lawn Disease Treatment

A soil test will help determine the kind of lawn disease that has infected your grass. We will then provide a lawn disease treatment to return your turf back to its natural health and vigor. 

Soil Testing & Amendment in Joliet

Just like you check the pH levels of your swimming pool in the summer, pH soil testing is a must to ensure your lawn is receiving the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, grow, and become resilient to climate, wear and tear, and environmental stressors. Events such as excessive rain or accidental overwatering can cause a decrease in nutrients whereby calcium, magnesium, and potassium are flushed away, leaving your soil with an unhealthy high acidity level. We replace those lost nutrients.   

Factors That Affect Your Lawn’s pH Balance

  • Poor-quality fertilizer applications
  • Drought
  • Heat and humidity
  • Salt left over from de-icing
  • Compacted soil

Our Effective Lawn pH Treatments in Joliet

Our soil testing experts will take a sample of your soil to determine if the pH level is too high or too low (too basic or acidic). Neither of these conditions is favorable for lawn health. Once evaluated, we will add the necessary combination of minerals just right for the optimum pH level of your specific grass type. The treatment will restore your lawn, guaranteed.  

Join the many Joliet and Chicago-based residents who trust their lawn care to the experts at Nutrimax. A naturally healthy greener lawn is just a call away!


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