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Lawn Care Services in Lemont, IL

Lemont has the advantages of small-town life with the amenities of Chicago less than an hour away. The neighborhoods have a sparse suburban feel to them and homeowners proudly take care of their yards. When you partner with Nutrimax, your lawn will be the envy of the block while also using organic formulations without harmful chemicals.

A Nutrient-Filled Organic Regimen

At Nutrimax we are able to support the growth of lush and vibrant turf using only 4 treatments because of our high-quality, organic fertilizer and unique application methods. Our aggressive feeding strategy applies a thicker layer of fertilizer during each visit to ensure your lawn has enough nutrients to thrive and resist weeds, disease, and pests. As part of our natural approach, we add an organic surfactant to our fertilizer that loosens soil and decomposes thatch, making lawn aeration and dethatching unnecessary.

Weed Control in Lemont, IL

An integral part of our weed control is grass that is lush and healthy enough that there is no room for weeds to grow. That being said, when necessary, we have developed a product that eliminates weeds without targeting desirable plants or remaining in your lawn. To help you accomplish this, our lawn care program consists of:

  • Four applications during the growing season – spring, early summer, late summer, and fall.
  • Weed treatment, when needed, with custom Dicamba-free broadleaf herbicides.
  • Aggressive fertilization with nutrient-rich organic blends to maximize grass growth.

Insect Control in Lemont, IL

As temperatures increase, so does the insect population. Most of them are harmless and don’t cause damage, however, there are a few insects that must be managed or they will destroy your turf. The greatest threats to a healthy lawn are:

  • Grubs – our springtime grub control stops these hungry critters at hatching time, preventing them from feeding on grassroots and inflicting damage.
  • Surface-feeding insects – low doses of targeted pesticides are used to prevent these invaders from devouring your grass at ground level.

Lawn Disease Control in Lemont, IL

If your grass is discolored, you are probably seeing evidence of a lawn disease. Our experienced technicians can identify many of the common diseases by sight, but will verify the specifics with a soil test. Upon diagnosis, a customized lawn disease treatment plan will be developed to return your grass’ vitality.

Soil Testing and Amendment in Lemont, IL

Maintaining the correct pH is important to lawn health. Unbalanced pH levels can lead to decreased resistance to weeds, pests, and lawn disease. Our knowledgeable technicians will test your soil and apply the minerals required to restore your soil’s pH balance.
Do you want to eliminate unnecessary chemicals from your lawn care routine? If so, contact Nutrimax today to find out about how effective organic lawn care can be.


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