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Lawn Services in Illinois

Because of our core values, we don’t oversaturate your lawn with harmful chemicals like most lawn care companies do. We know that the best way to a luxurious, healthy lawn is through an abundance of nutrition, and not by “hoping to take away the bad” with even worse chemicals.

Organic Lawn Fertilization in Illinois

We’ve designed our fertilizer specifically to complement the soil in our area and make up for its deficiencies so that your lawn gets the ideal blend of nutrients to promote optimum health, color, and growth. We manufacture this fertilizer ourselves, so you won’t find it anywhere else.

Enhance Lawn Color with Just ONE Treatment

Our nutritionally-rich fertilizer works so well that you will notice an improvement in color after our first visit!

Enjoy These Lawn Care Benefits:

  • Restore Healthy Grass
  • Eliminate Weeds
  • Amend Soil Condition
  • Control Insects and Diseases
  • Reduce Chemical Use
  • Strengthen Resistance to Disease

Our results speak for themselves!

Thorough Lawn Services in Illinois

Through our Aggressive Feeding strategy, we put the time in to make sure that your lawn gets everything it needs to reach its potential. That’s why we’re on the lawn 3x longer than your “average lawn care company” because we lay down more fertilizer than anyone else.

Fewer Visits Needed

We only visit your lawn four* times through the year (Spring, Early/Late Summer, Fall) because that’s all the time we NEED to make your lawn grow. Compare that to the average lawn care company that will be blanketing your lawn with chemicals up to six times a year.

No Need to Aerate and Dethatch

Our fertilizer’s formula contains an organic surfactant that loosens your soil naturally and improves the flow of air, water, and nutrients. Enzymes break chemical bonds in the soil to encourage uptake of nutrients while absorbing toxic minerals and chemicals.

Weed Control in Illinois

Our broadleaf herbicide eliminates weeds, while our custom fertilizer encourages rapid growth of grass into areas previously dominated by weeds. Our herbicide does not contain Dicamba, a chemical introduced in 1967 that’s found in many herbicides today. It doesn’t break down easily, remaining in your lawn for years.

*a fifth visit may be necessary for high-maintenance lawns.

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