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Lawn Care Services in Naperville

Organic and Nutrient-rich Treatments

Regardless of how much you know about lawn care, we at Nutrimax believe you shouldn’t have to question if your beautiful, vibrant lawn is the product of unnatural chemicals. And we certainly don’t believe a beautiful, vibrant lawn is only obtained by pumping it full of chemicals. We believe the lawns of Naperville showcase their best when they are flourishing with quality nutrition. That’s why our services approach lawn care with an organic, nutrient-rich focus.

Our knowledgeable experts use an organic-based custom lawn fertilizer and minimal pesticides for insect control when treating your lawn. We go as far as to run diagnostics on your soil to determine exactly why your grass isn’t at its best, followed by a customized treatment for lawn aeration, fertilization, disease treatment, and both grub and surface insect control.

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Weed Control in Naperville

Weeds aren’t just bothersome to look at; they quickly take over your garden, poison your other plants, and they can contain sharp thorns. We’ve discovered the exact method to eliminate invasive weeds throughout your lawn and garden without harming the plants you want to stay.

Our weed control program involves:

  • Four treatments occurring in spring, early summer, late summer, and fall.
  • Targeting weeds with a custom broadleaf herbicide that kills them without damaging your other plants.
  • Laying an organic-based lawn fertilizer to further assist in weed control while simultaneously fostering grass growth in the spots where weeds once ruled.

Insect Control in Naperville

As temperatures get warmer in late May, the insect population grows. While homeowners welcome such growth in bees, butterflies, and ladybugs, the corresponding increase in grass-damaging pests calls for effective insect control. The two types of insects notorious for damaging the quality of your lawn are:

  • Grubs, which live and feed on grassroots beneath the soil where they avoid being thwarted by regular pest-spray.
  • Surface feeding insects, which chew on the grass above the soil resulting in yellow grass and transparent leaves.

We implement our grub control program in spring before the grub population has a chance to skyrocket, saving your lawn before the larvae can do real damage. Our program also includes surface insect control for the pests wilting your grass aboveground. We administer low but effective amounts of select pesticides to targeted areas, reducing the amount of unnatural chemicals left on your lawn.

Lawn Disease Control in Naperville

If patches of yellowing grass or dead spots are taking over your lawn, you’ll want to apply a lawn disease treatment before it gets out of hand. Our Nutrimax experts are extremely knowledgeable on reversing lawn disease damage. If we can’t identify the disease at a glance, we’ll conduct a soil test to reveal exactly what’s infecting your lawn. Some of the most common diseases we see in Naperville lawns include summer patch, necrotic ring spot, and brown patch. Once the disease is identified, we get to work on a custom lawn disease treatment plan that will restore your yard to its glorious green.

Soil Testing and Amendment in Naperville

The quality of soil is measured by pH balance. If the pH balance is too high, the soil is considered alkaline. If it’s too low, it’s considered acidic. Alkalinity and acidity keep your soil from absorbing nutrients properly, leading to stunted growth and retaining toxic elements. Our Soil Testing and Amendment service includes a soil test to check the pH balance and identify if it’s too high or low. We then add a mix of healthy minerals customized for your type of grass, making your soil a better place for grass to grow.


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